Adult cats are the focus, where these cats have been rescued from various circumstances.

Chiyoda Nyan To Naru Café is a special place where rescued cats recover and transition into a life with warm human interactions and develop deep connections with humans.

For the last decade, continuous neutering and spaying of stray cats significantly reduced kittens requiring rescue due to over breeding-more importantly, not a single cat has been euthanized.

Unfortunately, large scale re-development of land in the central business district-Tokyo Station, Marunouchi, Akihabara, and other related areas-are condensing, shrinking living spaces for cats, creating a precarious environment which threatens the cat's welfare. Both kittens and adult cats are now being recused from these areas.

As a standard practice, these newly rescued cats will be given all the required vaccinations, be dewormed and be neutered or spayed. Once this process is complete, finding a family to adopt both the kittens and adult cats are the next steps. However, some of these recently rescued cats have never been accustomed to human interaction, therefore, hide and/or remain out of reach by climbing to the top of a kitty tower.

Chiyoda Nyan To Naru Café represents a unique concept addressing the transition period for these newly rescued cats. Unlike other "cat cafes" (where the primary theme and draw centers on the patrons' touching and petting the cats), Chiyoda Nyan To Naru Café offers its visitors a calming, relaxing atmosphere, where the newly rescued cats are allowed to slowly transition to their new, human world in a safe, open space--resembling a traditional, old Japanese house. Like other cafes, when the cats are ready, the café visitors are welcome to touch and pet the cats. However, the primary attraction for the patrons is being in the presence of the cats and enjoying the calming, relaxing environment, where the cats can be cats.

For parties interested in adopting a cat, please apply the day of the visit; though you won't be allowed to take home the cat the same day. We appreciate your understanding.

Advised by veterinarian - The health and welfare of the cats are our upmost priority.

As the café area is small, there will be a maximum of 6 cats at any given time. All the cats have been vaccinated, dewormed and have been neutered or spayed.
Taking in account the cats health, there will be no snack time and please reframe from petting, touching or waking the cats that are asleep.
Prior to entering the café, please wash and sanitize your hands. Please also slip on the pair of socks provided by the café.
For customers who have visited other cat or rescue cafés on the same day our visit, they will be turned away from entering the Café. Infected cats can infect or pass on disease to other cats from germs or viruses clinging to people's fingers, clothes ..etc.. For the welfare of the cats, we please request your understanding and cooperation.

Cat Seminars & Workshops and Cat souvenirs for sale.

We provide cat seminars and workshops. We also sell cute cat souvenirs and paintings. We are also planning various other events and items.