Adoptable Rescued Cats Café, Chiyoda Nyan To Naru Café.

Request from the Café

Request from the Café

  1. Please remove your shoes and put on the new pairs of socks provided by the café. For those wearing stockings or tights, please wear the pair of socks over the stockings or tights.
  2. Please do not bring into the cat area large (non-valuable) items, the café staff will be more than happy to look after these items during your café stay.
  3. Prior to entering the café, please wash your hands with soap and water.

Request from the Cats

  1. Please do not bring into the café any outside toys or food.
  2. When the cats are asleep, please do not touch or awaken the cats.
  3. Please try to speak quietly as loud voices can frighten the cats.
  4. Please do not try to forcibly hold or pickup an unwilling cat.
  5. Taking pictures are welcome but please reframe from using a flash.
  6. Rescued cats have grown and lived in various situations, where some cats are more accustomed to being around humans, whereas others are less accustomed. Each cat has their own unique characteristics.
  7. For those who do not follow the above requests, they may be asked to leave the café.


  1. Patrons with allergies to cats will be turn away from entering the cat café.
  2. Patrons who have been drinking alcohol prior to the café visit will be turned away. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be brought into the café.
  3. For customers who have visited other cat or rescue cafés on the same day as visit to our cafe, they will be turned away from entering the Café to prevent any possibility of infectious diseases being passed onto our cats.
  4. In an unlikely event that someone is scratched by one of the cats, first aid can be administered on premise, but any treatment required after the patron leaves the café will be the full responsibility of the patron.

For person interested in adapting cats

  1. Please ask the café staff for a copy of the adoption guide and the adoption application.